• Commerce – Corporate Secretary Ship. eee
• Attendance will be taken twice a day of the begining of FN &AN section hours.
• Students should attend the classes regularly, No Students should absent.
• Herself from the class without prior permission from the class Teacher and the head of the department.
• Student should have a minimum of 80% attendance for beging allowed to University exam.
• The leave letter must be counter-signed by parents. In the case of sick leave, medical certificate must be produced.
• Contineous absence of a student for more than 3 days will be intimated to the parents immediately.
• Monthly tests are conducted for all the classes every month.
• Student should be make active participation in all functions / Seminor classes organized by the college
• After the completion of the academic cycle, students shall write three revision exams and one model exam.
• Special classes on communication English is conducted for the students.


• Each affiliated college shall work during an academic year for a minimum period of 200 days with Six hours in a day (40 days for intensive practice teaching & for other related practical activities and the remaining days as teaching days) excluding the days of admission and University examination as prescribed by NCTE.


• Students should wear uniform for becoming cultured personality. College function days they may custum un uniform.
• Students should follow the widely acceptable code of behavior.
• All Students should show obedience and respect to the teachers. Student should salute the teacher and the management people on seeing them for the first time every day.
• When teachers enter / leave the class room, the students should stand up as a mark of respect.
• They should keep the ID card in their safe custody. Incase of loss of the card, duplicate card be obtained by paying of Rs.100/-
• The disciplinary committee consisting of staff members will watch the discipline of the students is found indiciplinary, the committee will discuss and send its recommendations to the management.