1) The library is kept open from 09.30 a. m. to 04.30 p. m. on all working days without break .s
2) Strict Silence should be observed in the library.
3) Personal belongings such as bags, tiffin boxes, notes, etc., should be left at the entrance of the library .
4) Member of Teaching faculty can borrow up to 7 books at a time.
5) Member of the Non-Teaching staff may borrow not more than 2 books at a time.
6) All Students will be given 3 tickets. Books will be issued to students & staff only on exchange of tickets.
7) Lending Period :
   Staff           :   30 days
   Students   :   10 days
Books may be renewed for the further period if there is no demand for them from other students.
8) Reference books such as dictionary, encyclopedia, and books labeled, as reference will not be lent.
9) Students & staff should not damage, write or make any mark on any books or periodicals belonging to the Library.
10) If a book is lost or missing , the borrower shall either pay 2 times of its cost or replace it with a new copy.
11) Students & staff must examine the book on receiving it and report to the librarian about any damage found therein.
12) Tickets are not transferable sub-lending of books is also forbidden.
13) Students & Staff should return all books borrowed from the library one week before the last working day of the academic year.
14) Loss tickets should be reported to the Librarian who will issue duplicate on payment of Rs.100/- Perticket.
15) Theft, Vandalism and destruction of library books, journals and related materials are also considered as serious offences and those who cause such offences will be dealt with seriously.
16) Students & Staff should take care of their Purses, Key Bunches, Diaries, Note books etc., While they are in the Library. The Library is not responsible for any claim of loss or damage to such articles.
17) This is Your library. IT is your responsibility to keep it neat and tidy, and create a conducive atmosphere for reading.